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Interior Design That Improves Your Well-being

About Mindwell Design

Hello, I’m Gabrielle Kozhukh-Joo, the force behind Mindwell Design, an Interior Design Firm dedicated to improving your life. My mission? Crafting spaces that look fantastic, work effortlessly, and make you feel incredible.

With over a decade of experience in Construction and Sustainability, I specialize in elevating your style with the magic of a positive mindset. Why? Because I believe the right frame of mind is the key to truly loving your home.

I’m here for those who want more than just a beautiful space. I’m here for the trailblazers, dream-chasers, and visionaries who want a home where they thrive with their families. And here’s the twist – my designs aren’t just about appearances; they create lasting habits and rituals that enhance your life even after our work is done.

Ready to elevate your space and your life?  Let’s connect. Your design journey begins right here.


Featured in Article
“Brain Waves: The Neuroscience Behind Interior Design”

Featured Speaker
“The Beauty and the Brain”

Featured Speaker
"First Canadian design firm invited to speak about how design is validated through science."

Featured Spotlight
“First Neuroaesthetics Design Firm in the GTA. One to watch.”

Gabrielle Kozhukh-Joo is the only
WELL AP, LEED AP BD+C, Net Zero and Certified Coach Accredited Professional in Canada.


“I can’t tell you how much of a pleasure it was working with Gabrielle and the Mindwell team. From the very start of our project to the very end, Gabrielle thoughtfully ushered us through the process and wowed us with her creative, functional, and beautiful designs. We couldn’t be happier with our new spaces and are eager to work with Mindwell again on future projects!”


Latest Work

Bathroom Reno Art Interior Design

Contemporary Wabi Hybrid

Entryway Foyet


Farmhouse Meets Glam


Comforting Curated Creative

Kitchen Green Pottery

Powder Room Barn Door

Bathroom Wallpaper Gold Art


Kitchen Remodel

Our Services

Whether you want to transform one room or a whole home you’ll be able to experience our signature “Personalized Full Service Design.”

Relax and enjoy this creative journey as we handle every nuance, bringing your vision to life. Down to the smallest details that make you… well, you.

By closely collaborating with you to breathe life into your vision, we oversee every step of the process—from the initial concept to the final finishing touches.

Whether we are working on ground-up construction, renovation, or furnishing and decor, we meticulously attend to every detail so you dont have too.

Our Process

Initial Design Call

Every project begins with a complimentary Initial Design Call where we’ll get to know you and your project, share more about ourselves, and dive into the details to determine if we’re a good fit for each other.


Next, we do a paid 2-hour consultation right in your home. This sets the stage for what you really want and need.

Design & Planning

Then, we roll up our sleeves and design. The cost here is determined by the size of your space.


Finally, we take care of turning all of the ideas into actions—purchasing items, setting them up, and managing the whole project. The cost for this is based on your total project budget.


“She set expectations from the beginning and was extremely detailed throughout the process. Her #1 priority was ensuring that things were done right, and coordinated with us and our contractors as needed… Would work with her again in a heartbeat!”


Get In Touch

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"Entire Basement", "value": "entireBasement" }, { "label": "Kitchen", "value": "kitchen" }, { "label": "Living Space", "value": "livingSpace" }, { "label": "Dining Space", "value": "diningSpace" }, { "label": "Bedroom(s)", "value": "bedroom" }, { "label": "Bathroom", "value": "bathroom" }, { "label": "Home Office", "value": "homeOffice" }, { "label": "Children's Room", "value": "childrensRoom" }, { "label": "Nursery", "value": "nursery" }, { "label": "Entreyway/Foyer", "value": "entreyway" }, { "label": "Outdoor Space", "value": "outdoorSpace" } ] }, "validate": { "required": true, "onlyAvailableItems": true, "multiple": true }, "unique": true, "key": "spacesSelect", "type": "select", "input": true, "tableView": true }, { "label": "Total Project Investment ", "widget": "choicesjs", "description": "Including construction, design fees, materials, and furnishing", "uniqueOptions": true, "autofocus": true, "data": { "values": [ { "label": "Under $100,000", "value": "under100" }, { "label": "$100,000 - $300,000", "value": "under300" }, { "label": " $300,000 - $500,000", "value": "under500" }, { "label": "$500,000+", "value": "over500" } ] }, "validate": { "required": true, "onlyAvailableItems": true }, "unique": true, "key": "totalProjectInvestment1", "type": "select", "input": true, "tableView": true }, { "label": "Tell us more about your project.", "autoExpand": false, "validate": { "required": true }, "key": "scopeOfWorkAndDescription", "type": "textarea", "input": true, "tableView": true } ], "totalProjectInvestment": {} }, { "label": "Submit", "showValidations": false, "theme": "success", "key": "submit", "type": "button", "input": true, "tableView": false, "saveOnEnter": true, "defaultValue": false } ], "input": false, "tableView": false, "address": { "mode": "autocomplete", "address": {} } } ] }